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Our Mission

Access Travel strives to become the leading specialized travel company by customizing travel preferences to create exceptional experiences, superior convenience, and excellent customer service, making it accessible for people to meet the world.

Our Vision

To become the leading niche travel company in the world, providing innovative and specialized vacations to meet the personal expectations of our clientele. Through our own extensive knowledge across the seven continents, we help change the mindset of people towards travel and remain to be a sustainable, top-of-mind
travel service provider.

Our Purpose

Access Travel is committed to providing quality travel services at a reasonable cost that will continue to render the company competitive without sacrificing the quality of experience, convenience, and value for money.

Access Guarantees



Travel without limits. We give you access to explore any part of the world, no matter the challenge. We’re here to make your travel dreams come true.


Your comfort matters. From booking to the journey itself, we take care of all the details, no matter how small. All you need to do is enjoy the ride.
Customer Service

Customer Service

You’ve got a friend in Access Travel. Our dedicated team provides assistance 24/7, helping you turn your trip into lifelong memories.


Excellence is our standard. From top-tier accommodations to carefully curated activities, every experience is organized to perfection.


Experience the perfect blend of cultural immersion and refined luxury. We take you to the most far-flung destinations without compromising style and elegance.


We wander responsibly. Access Travel is dedicated to sustainable travel practices and we aim to integrate this in all areas of our travels: Human, Economic, and Environmental.


At Access Travel and our sister company Explora Ahora, we see our brands as more than a business.
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