Access Travel FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Access Experts?

These are our well-trained team members, deeply rooted in our operations, who also accompany Access Expeditions and Access Lite.

Who will be my guide and driver for private tours?

You will be accompanied by our local, professionally trained experts during your private tours.

Where is your office located?

Access Travel is based in two countries and three cities: Mandaluyong and Quezon City in the Philippines and Madrid in Spain, but we are in the process of moving offices and our whole team works remotely, so all meetings and project concerns are scheduled.

How do I get in touch with Access Travel?

Kindly email us your concern at You may also reach us via WhatsApp and Viber at +639176795338.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you may pay using a credit card. However, for transparency, we have additional bank charges per transaction.

I’d like to proceed with Access Travel. What’s next?

Upon getting in touch with our Access Expert, a preliminary quotation will be provided to you. Once the proposal is agreed upon and signed by both parties, a deposit payment will be required. Full payment should be settled 30 days prior to departure or before the deadline.

Please note that any cancellation made after signing the proposal and/or making a payment deposit is subject to cancellation fees. Access Travel reserves the right to review the reason for cancellation, and is subject to management’s approval.

*Holiday surcharge may also be applied upon booking.

Can I refund my payment?

Refunds are subject to management approval. As soon as the management approves the reason for the refund, our administrative manager will begin processing it. Please note that all bank and remittance charges will be borne by the client.

We suggest that you please refrain from sending a payment if you have worries or hesitations about proceeding with your bookings.

Can Access Travel process my visa?

Yes, but only if our experiences are availed from us. We do not provide visa-only services.

Can I plan my trip with Access Travel even if I am not in the Philippines?

Yes, you may. Wherever you are in the world, we can plan the experience you need, as we mostly work digitally.

Can Access Travel help us arrange our honeymoon?

Yes, we can customize your experience based on your personal needs.

Can Access Travel assist our senior citizen parents and grandparents in providing wheelchairs?

Definitely. We can coordinate this concern with our local partners.

Can children join Access Expeditions and Access Lite?

Absolutely. Our experiences are usually composed of only 10-12 people, which makes it easier for the parents to join our trips. Our partners are also well-experienced in handling toddlers. But for a better experience, we always recommend doing private tours instead.

Does Access Travel cater to domestic travel in the Philippines?

Our sister company does at Explora Ahora. Please visit @exploraahora on Instagram.

Can non-Philippine passport holders book a trip with Access Travel?

Yes, you can, but if a visa is needed, you will have to process it in your home country.

Can Access Travel help with immigrant, work, and spouse visas?

No. We only do tourist visas for travelers who avail themselves of our full experience.

Do you have a return policy for purchased merch?

No. We strictly implement a "no return, no exchange" policy.

When can I expect the delivery of the merch?

Orders are shipped within five (5) days of being placed. Access Travel does not, however, have control over the shipping procedure or timeline of outside couriers.