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The Balkans

Access Travel exceeded my expectations on my recent journey through the stunning Balkans.

Covering Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, and Greece. One of the standout aspects of the trip was the knowledgeable guides. Access Travel seemed to handpick guides who were not only experts in history, culture, and geography but also passionate storytellers.Overall, my journey through the Balkans with Access Travel was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation, expertly curated to showcase the best that this enchanting region has to offer. I returned home with a treasure trove of memories and a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the Balkans, all thanks to Access Travel's exceptional service and dedication to excellence. I can't recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to explore this captivating corner of the world.


I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a culinary adventure through the vibrant streets of Madrid with Access Travel and Angely, and I must say, it was an experience to remember!

This food tour not only satisfied my taste buds but also provided me with a deeper understanding of the rich culinary heritage of this amazing city.

From the moment we met our knowledgeable and friendly guide (we were expecting someone but Angely showed up), it was evident that we were in for a treat. The tour took us through some of Madrid's most iconic neighborhoods, where we had the opportunity to sample an array of traditional Spanish dishes and delicacies.

One of the highlights of the tour was the visit to a bustling local market, where we were introduced to an incredible selection of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats. Our guide shared fascinating insights into the ingredients used in Spanish cuisine and even taught us how to pick the best products for an authentic Spanish meal.

Throughout the tour, we indulged in a variety of tapas, including the classic patatas bravas, succulent Jamón ibérico, and mouthwatering croquetas. Each dish was paired with a perfectly matched Spanish wine or refreshing sangria, enhancing the flavors and making the experience even more enjoyable.

What truly set this food tour apart was the passion and expertise of our guide. Their enthusiasm for Spanish cuisine was infectious, and they went above and beyond to ensure that we had a memorable and authentic experience. I left the tour with a newfound appreciation for Spanish food and a list of new favorite dishes that I can't wait to try again.

In conclusion, if you're looking to immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Madrid, I highly recommend booking a food tour with Access Travel. It's a fantastic way to explore the city, taste delicious food, and learn about the culture and history of Madrid through its gastronomy. This experience was truly a highlight of my trip, and I can't wait to return for more culinary delights in the future. ¡Buen provecho!

Spain, Portugal and France

Unforgettable European Adventure with Access Travel!

My recent trip through Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bordeaux, Porto, and Lisbon arranged by Access Travel was nothing short of extraordinary! From start to finish, they went above and beyond to make sure every detail was perfect. We opted for a luxury car rental with full insurance to drive around Europe, and Access Travel delivered seamlessly. The freedom of having our wheels allowed us to explore each destination at our own pace, soaking up the culture and beauty of Europe without feeling rushed. Access Travel's attention to detail impressed me every step of the way. From airfare to hotels, and even parking arrangements, they took care of everything. The tour was perfectly balanced - structured enough to ensure we didn't miss any must-see attractions, yet flexible enough to allow us to truly immerse ourselves in each location's unique atmosphere. I can't recommend Access Travel enough for anyone looking for a unique and immersive travel experience. Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime!

Spain, France, and Portugal

We recently embarked on a breathtaking journey through Spain with Access Travel and I must say, it was an experience of a lifetime!

From the moment I booked my trip to the last day of the tour, everything was handled with utmost professionalism and care. Our knowledgeable tour guides made sure we explored the best of Spain's rich culture, history, and cuisine. The itinerary was well-planned, offering a perfect balance of iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Alhambra in Granada, as well as hidden gems off the beaten path. Accommodations were top-notch, providing comfort and luxury after a day of exploration. The local cuisine we sampled was a true delight, showcasing the diverse flavors of Spanish gastronomy. One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to interact with locals and immerse myself in the vibrant Spanish way of life. Whether it was strolling through charming villages or sipping sangria at a lively tapas bar, every moment felt authentic and unforgettable. I cannot recommend Access Travel enough for anyone looking to experience the beauty and magic of Spain. Their attention to detail, excellent guides, and seamless logistics truly set them apart. Thank you for an incredible journey that will forever hold a special place in my heart.


We have been traveling with Access for almost a year now, we usually always do private tours for our family but this time we tried to join an Access Expedition since it was just with 5 more people in the group.

We must say that this was one of the best trips we have done, we did and saw everything we could in Finland. It is so easy and flexible to travel when the travel company gives you the option to explore on your own and have space to move around like booking your own flights, arriving a day before and leaving a few days after the Expedition. Our favorite part during the trip was we drove 5 hrs one way to Norway just to see the Aurora. We can call the Access Experts Aurora Experts. The best!


Our Finland trip was a dream come true, a much-needed vacation from our busy work schedules.

I do not like planning and stressing out when I do my trips, and I am happy to do this trip with Access Travel because I only had to think about how to settle my payment from the US. The whole journey was so easy and hassle trip, it was designed for a perfect relaxation while enjoying all the winter activities. The best part of being here was doing the Husky safari on a frozen river then it started to snow. We are fully recharged and ready for our next vacation!


The best way to start the year is with travel, we spent more than three weeks around France, Italy, and Spain eating, exploring, and shopping.

We did not have to do anything, everything was prepared from the places to visit to having porters waiting for us at every destination. We no longer do DIYs to avoid wasting time, we’d rather for luxury and premium services to make sure we don’t miss out on anything. After all, vacations are all about disconnecting and enjoying the best time of our lives. We want to visit so many places with Access Travel this year, we have ticked off last in 2023 and we are looking forward to curating more trips for our family all over the world. This is the best gift we can give to each other whenever we have free time.

Spain and Portugal

We travel four times a year with the family, because of our work we tend to plan very last-minute, with Access Travel we just think of what to pack and the rest is handled by Angely herself.

We’ve been clients for 12 years now, what makes Access team unique is that they online 24/7 providing the best customer service. There are times when we need to change things last minute and there is nothing that they can’t do for their clients. We look forward to our 2024 and visiting new destination.


Thank you for the seamless arrangements you’ve made for us. We really felt well taken care of. One of the best decisions for this trip was indeed booking with you.

Please extend our appreciation as well to Mr. Ajay and our drivers for being so hands on, patient and accommodating to all our needs.

Looking forward to more travels with you in the future.
Thank you again!

Attached, by the way, are two of my favourite desert adventure photos!


Morocco is an unusual destination for most Filipinos and we’re delighted we met the country with Access.

It’s our first time to join a group tour and we’re glad that we wrapped up our year of revenge travel with Access.

Unlike our previous travels where we had to make our itinerary, Access took care of everything and provided us with concise information about the tour that we literally don’t have to stress about anything at all.

Morocco is a bit intimidating at first because of the cultural differences but with the help of our local guides, we learned about the rich ancient culture of the Berbers. Our travel experts guided us around the maze-like souks where we indulged in Moroccan goods, dined on local food, and haggled like berbers.

It’s nice how they allotted enough time for us to unravel the history of the places that we visited whilst also giving us free time to explore on our own.

Each riad or traditional Moroccan houses where we stayed at have it’s own identity and every corner is picturesque just like the entire country itself.

Lastly, who would have thought that we will be able to cross the Sahara desert on a camel’s back at sunset and drink and dance under the stars in the middle of the desert during our lifetime.

We’re in awe how we were able to explore most of Morocco— a thing you wouldn’t be able to do on your own in a short span of time as it involved a lot of planning but they made it all possible. Access is definitely an expert in planning and making dreams into unforgettable reality.


I love to travel but I am not the best planner.

Access Travel has provided me with the comfort of a perfectly planned and hassle-free experience to visit my dream destinations. Though a Philippine travel agency, Access has been so accommodating to me even though I live in Guam, USA. They are very responsive to my needs and concerns. In this recent trip to Morocco, Access provided an incredible itinerary and excellent accommodations for an 11-day tour. They took care of every aspect of the trip including airfare, accommodations, transportation, tours, and meals. I appreciated that it was a small group and we all got along so well that it made the experience even more memorable. Morocco has been a dream destination of mine for years and this tour exceeded all my expectations. Thank you, Access Travel, for making my Morocco dreams come true!


I first travelled to South America with Access Travel and everything was top notch, it wae a solo trip led by Angely last April 2023. We went to Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

Access Travel changed the way we travel doing private experiences designed based on what we want and need. This trip, we went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for 10 days, and I must say that every single thing was well curated. The best thing about Access is that they are so flexible and they even provide the contact of their local provider just in case something comes up. Me and my family are 200% happy and satisfied. They do everything for you, really.

We can’t wait for our Europe trip this January, all customized and tailored made just for our family.
Thank you Angely and Access Team!


Access Travel made our honeymoon/adventure in Dubai super smooth and fun!

From our email exchanges to the actual trip, everything was well organized. Thanks to Rhaye for helping us out with our itinerary and documents. We opted for private tours and transportation so we can really relax and not be pressured during our stay. Our drivers and tour guides in Dubai were so helpful and easygoing as well! We really enjoyed their company and learned so much about Dubai.

We will definitely recommend Access Travel and plan to book with them again our next trips! Their service is very professional! :)

Also, we loved the package! The story book is really cute!!!

Thanks again for the great service!! :)


My husband and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and my 41st birthday with Access Travel’s October 2023 Holy Land Tour. MEMORABLE is an understatement.

We had to skip Israel for security reasons. We appreciate Rose and Ella’s efforts in addressing our needs and making everyone feel comfortable and safe.

No travel is perfect. We had issues with the glamping accommodation. We expected to have an overnight stay at the dome type Aladdin Camp, as what was advertised, but ended up with a simpler “Luxury Camp” style. Rose was able to explain the discrepancy after the matter was brought to her attention. They are both attentive in asking us if we wanted our photos taken while visiting the sites and generous in giving in to our whims like the Egyptian KFC meals, wifi access and chips during the long bus rides. 😊

They were also quick to make adjustments with the itinerary considering we had to skip the actual Holy Land Tour. We’re sad that we did not get to experience Israel and it’s religious significance like renewal of vows at Cana other holy places but the group’s vibrant energy and Access Team’s efforts made the trip worthwhile and truly unforgettable. 😊


Europe is my ultimate dream destination and I only want to do it with Access Travel because it’s also actually a dream for me to book my Europe trip with them.

Everything went so smoothly with them (Special thanks to Ms. Rose Quintero, you really are the best! Thank you so much for assisting me). From the day I inquired, to visa processing and the tour itself, everything was very well-organized, all accommodations were top-notch, and the services provided were really premium! Thank you so much Access Travel for turning my ultimate dream travel into reality! 🤍


Most of our family trips are DIY but with the Iceland trip, my sister and I decided to join the Expedition of Access Travel (@accesstravelph) since we were both busy with work and didn’t have the time to plan things.

I must say it was a wonderful and unforgettable trip. I did not have to worry about any details whatsoever about the trip. All I  did was pay and show up when it was time to travel. Angely (@angelydub) was so easygoing and fun to be with. She even catered to the group’s different requests. Just like when we stopped by the road just to take pictures with Icelandic horses.

Again thank you @accesstravelph & @angeludub for the incredible Iceland experience! 💕


Solo trip to Tokyo, been waiting for too long to make this happen.

I always travel alone to disconnect and it’s a must for me to do it the Access way. I also work in the travel industry, and for me to appreciate travel I always do it in luxury. This is my reward to myself for working hard and progressing in life.  After Covid, this was my first trip out of the country for leisure and I just wanted the best. with Access Travel, everything is always 11/10, from visa processing to providing one-of-a-kind experiences everywhere you go. The best part is that when planning a trip with them you don’t need to be anywhere because they go to you to do everything for you. Thank you Shane and Kuya Carby for assisting me, until next time.


Iceland is always a dream destination for my husband and I.

When it was time for us to fulfill our dream, we conducted our own research of the tours being offered by different travel agencies. What made us decide to join the Iceland Expedition of Access Travel ( Sept 27-Oct 6, 2019) is the uniqueness of their itinerary. Our 10-day expedition makes it possible for us to see and experience the best that Iceland can offer- nature, glacier walk, ice cave, whale watching, food and people.

We were satisfied and had fun during our tour which was personally led by the ever bubbly and energetic Angely Dub. She was assisted by Jon Hilmarsson, our tour guide and a renowned Icelandic photographer, who’s even patient in giving tips on landscape photography.

We also availed of the visa and flight ticketing assistance of Access Travel. The communication and coordination with Angely or with any of her staff is seamless and I immediately got a quick response for any inquiry.

Yes, I highly recommend Access Travel. And will avail of the services of Access Travel if given another travel opportunity.

Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia

A truly memorable tri-city trip and one we will be recommending.

Access Travel and Tours was amazing and helped me and my sister build our personalized itinerary from scratch with all the places that we were most interested in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. The drivers and tour guide for the trip were friendly and professional. We even got travel vouchers for our future bookings with no expiration!!!


Thank you so much Access Travel kasi from inquiry until end of trip everything went smooth.

Nung una hesitant pa ako mag inquire sa Access kasi akala ko mahal sa kanila kasi usually review eh mga artista. Hehe. Pero nun nag inquire ako I was surprised na sila yung pinaka affordable (compared sa other 2 na nag inquire-an ko), considering na full board meals na sya, unlike sa 2 na breakfast lang ang inclusion. Thank u din to Ms. Rose super patient na magsagot lahat ng inquiries ko and make sure na lahat ng request ko to be included in the itinerary are included. Maganda po lahat ng hotels na pinag stay-an namin, then enough time po sa lahat ng tourist attractions, which is hindi kami nagmamadali sa mga places na pupuntahan. Also for the meals included, super sulit kasi dami choices palagi and hindi basta basta. Nacheck po talaga ni supplier na okay lahat un restaurants na kakainan. So definitely, on our next trip Access travel will be our go to travel agency. Thank you Access and Ms. Rose!

South America

Thank to you and to all the guides for all the efforts to make our trip knowledgeable and enjoyable.

We conquered 3 countries, multiple cities, Altitude sickness ( me without sleeping for 8-9 nights, my husband having headaches, Christine always vomiting and of course first time using Oxygen ), climbing rainbow mountain at 17k feet above sea level except me, luxury gastronomic experience in Peru, staying in Lapaz city that is considered as the highest city elevation with a population more than 1 million, Uyuni salt flat considered as the largest in the world, staying in Palacio del sal that is considered as the first salt hotel in the world, man-made wonders of the world - Machu Picchu and Christ the redeemer, natural wonder of the world - harbor or Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest falls - Iguazu. I just realized it will take 10 days for your body to adjust to higher altitude . With that, we thank you again, hope to see you in our next trip!


Dubai trip was really great and super easy with your assistance.

No need for us to check the best places to go and all. Everything was organized already with Access. Also our tour guide Shakeer was so kind and helpful he’s one of the best! Will surely book our next tour with you 😀

South America

We had an amazing time, I was waiting for my bar exam results and I became a Lawyer while on this trip.

Everything was planned very well, we have no regrets joining the South America expedition even it was almost a three week trip for us. We ticked off a lot on this trip, all the destinations that were once a dream are now a reality. My favorite moments were seeing Machu Picchu, pushing myself to climb the Rainbow Mountain with an altitude of almost 5,200m and walking on the glaciers of Perito Moreno. Made new friends on this trip as well that we will be treasuring our whole lives. Thank you Access and Angely for the best expedition. We appreciate everything we’ve experienced on this trip. Till next time for sure!


All my travel dreams made possible by Access Travel.

I once just dreamed of traveling to these places, we always travel in private tours with our own guide, driver and we enjoy staying in luxury hotels such as Bvlgari, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. This is something Access specializes at, with them I don’t have to think about anything, I just wait for the bill and settle it. The thing I know is I just need to go to the airport and everything is already sorted out. We love to shop and they even assist us at customs in Italy and France to make things easier for us. The best part of everything is that Angely is always very hands-on with everything and she is very knowledgable about what she does. We can trust Access Team with everything, they have an expert waiting for us everywhere we go.


I love to travel to see new things, experience different cultures, step out of my comfort zone, de-stress, and refuel.

It was my cousin’s first  “winter” trip, so I definitely enjoyed just how happy she was to experience most of the things she’s been looking forward to since planning for this trip. The castles we have been to, especially the Disney-inspired castle in Segovia. And the stories told during the tours in those fascinating structures. Alhambra in Granada. I was blown away by the details inside and outside of that palace and that garden.  I was glad to see they had a team working hard to preserve all those details. And again, Seville. Granada and Seville were absolutely beautiful. Angely spent time with us during our quick stay in Madrid, despite her busy schedule This was a trip back in Nov 2021 when the world is slowly opening up again to travel. There was a sense of buzzing excitement from tourists to tour guides, and I remember being grateful to be able to experience traveling again and to never take anything for granted.  AccessTravel is the best. The team is very easy to talk to and reliable,  and the travel itineraries are loaded with experiences, and also highly customizable.. so you’re getting premium service each time.

South America

This trip was postponed since 2019 and even with a lot of cancellations, I still decided to go anyway.

Access Expeditions are very intimate with only 10 people, and that was the reason why I joined, but the expedition ended up with only 6 people. Access did not cancel the trip despite not reaching the number needed. We were able to do a lot during this trip. You get the best value for everything you pay for. The hotels were great in the best locations, and I appreciated all our local guides who helped us understand each destination very well. The highlight of our trip was hiking Rainbow Mountain and, of course, Machu Picchu, and I will never forget the boat ride we had at Iguazu Falls. Best memories indeed, and I can’t wait to create more all over the world.

Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong to celebrate my birthday, and we always plan our trips at the last minute because of our businesses and work.

The good thing about Access Team is that they are almost reachable 24/7. No matter what is needed, they find a way to make it work.  Looking forward to our next trip. Yay!!!


I was honestly skeptical the first time I messaged you thru WhatsApp since you were working remotely.

Meaning, I would not have a chance to meet the person I am transacting with such a huge amount of money. But with how you handled all my inquiries (plus how fast you get to respond to them), I knew that this was going to be a pleasant experience, and indeed, it did not disappoint. This is our first time with your service and definitely not the last one. Sharing with you some of our fave photos from the trip.


This was our first Europe trip together and my first birthday trip alone away from my family. We celebrated our birthdays in two beautiful countries with Access Travel.

We don’t get to travel that much, but when we do, we always make sure we get private tours and experiences to see everything as much as possible. We had wine tasting in the countryside on Ge’s birthday, we were away from the busy of Paris, we are so happy and grateful for every memory spent here. My birthday was extra special because Angely flew to Copenhagen to personally give us a private tour of the city. We really appreciated that. Access Travel knows how to work around special requests, and they always deliver quality service. Our hotels were so good, and we received cakes and flowers everywhere we went, even though we did not request for any of that. Always a fan of Access and how passionate they are about making people’s travel extra special.


Everything was well-organized.

The local guides were very knowledgeable, and the tour leader, Jeremiah, was responsive to our needs. This made the trip a pleasant experience and allowed us to focus on what we were there for—the pilgrimage. It was a life-changing experience, and we're hoping to be back again in the future.


Going to Iceland is like going out of this world, and Access Travel made it possible - seamless and convenient.

Joining Iceland Expedition made me understand why Access Travel remains to be one of the trusted travel companies in the country. Their attention to details is very spot on. You really need this especially when traveling to countries less travelled. From start to end, they made me feel safe and secure while ensuring that I’m having the best time of my life . Lastly, the best part about the Expedition is it’s only limited to a number of people, which gives you more opportunity to see more places and build friendships among that small circle. This is definitely not gonna be my last Expedition with Access Travel! All the best!


Our trip to Dubai was definitely a pleasant experience.

Despite having flight issues (PAL had moved our flight to Dubai a day late), Rose of @accesstravelph took care of everything and sorted out our activities to fit the duration of our stay. We were able to cover all areas of special interest. With that said, our tour guide/ driver, Basheer, was very detailed and enjoyable as a guide. He brought us around Dubai and even to Abu Dhabi safely and punctually. On our second full day, another driver, Kashim, had brought us on an awesome desert safari tour and Arabian Nights party. The safari tour was like no other experience, as we got to explore the desert area and go through its numerous slopes. We would also like to thank our drivers, Tariq and Shakin, for picking us up and dropping us off at the airport, respectively. Thank you, Rose. We decided on this trip three days after Christmas, but Rose was able to make it happen despite the holidays, our visa, tickets, and tour. Our first family trip post-pandemic. It was worth the wait!

South Korea

Thank you, Ms. Rose and Access Travel, for making our Christmas vacation possible!

Even though you were only given a short time to plan and arrange our requests, you still provided us with excellent service.

Everything went smoothly during our eight days in South Korea. We visited Jeju, Busan, and Seoul with ease. No hassle! Which is what I want my family to experience.

Our guide, Ms. Sophie, handled my family's needs well. She even recommended local restaurants and places for us to try. It adds to the experience.

I can’t wait to visit more countries with Access Travel!


We enjoyed our holidays in Europe! It was tiring but worth it.

We liked the itinerary because it really felt like an introduction to Europe for first-timers like us, and the tour was organized. We were also well taken care of from before our departure in Manila up to the time we landed back, so there were no worries on our part throughout. We liked the Access Travel freebies as well! We got to use it during the tour, especially the bag. Thank you for assisting us and organizing! We can't wait to do it again, hopefully in other cities next time. :)

Sharing here some of our photos. :)


Our Holyland trip was truly memorable! I am really happy that I discovered Access Travel.  

This trip was a gift for our mom, which I booked with another travel agency a few months before. Unfortunately, they cancelled our trip two weeks before departure. I tried to contact other travel agencies, but of course, they all said they were fully booked. Special thanks to Ms. Rose for accommodating our "last-minute" booking, making the extra effort to squeeze us in, and making all transactions and processes hassle-free.The tour was well planned. Our tour leader was also very reliable and made sure that we were all taken care of. Our local tour guides and drivers were also all very good.  More importantly, they made sure that this was not a regular tour but more of a spiritual journey. I recommend getting physically fit to join the optional hike to the summit of Mt. Sinai. It is totally worth it!I would definitely recommend Access Travel to other family and friends! I am also looking forward to traveling with them again.


I have no doubts that Morocco will be a great place to visit. I was looking forward to step into the great Sahara Desert and it was humbling. The best gift of all was the awesome night sky!

Access Travel Filipino coordinator Rose Due-Quintero and local Morocco coordinator Yousef, made this trip easy, well-paced, and relaxed. Even when we had a flat tire 3 hours before our boarding, they remained calm and got us to our flights safe and sound. Thanks to our angel who stopped and helped us. My sincerest thanks to Access Travel and to Rose and to all our informative guides in Morocco for a great journey.


Thank you Access Travel for a well organized trip to the culture rich and vibrant city of Dubai. We certainly enjoyed the experience exploring this jewel in the desert.

It was really amazing and convenient to travel and tour with Access Travel; the tours were carefully put together just for our needs, well organized, and the staff were accommodating and gave us their best service.

Again, our sincerest thanks and warmest regards. Till our next trip. ;)


We had a wonderful time during the September 2022 Iceland Expedition.

Parents know that traveling with a toddler can be overwhelming. Access Travel made it easy for me, my aunt, and my 4-year-old son. You can literally just sit back, relax, and enjoy. Angely, Norris, and Jon were very patient and accommodating with our son. Xavier had a blast, and the trip fed his very curious mind (he wants to go back). Access Travel is kid and parent-approved.


Access Travel has made our trip easy-peasy, from visa processing to itineraries and not to mention our additional activities not mentioned on the itinerary.

Access offered us very helpful assistance that made our trip successful. It was fun, and our tour leader was always on the go to accept our requests/suggestions as long as they could be done.

We love how our schedule was done smoothly in the given time. It may be limited, but we were able to see the highlights of the place. We chose to travel with Access because of its convenience, and we will save up to travel again. And we look forward to seeing other parts of Europe, such as Spain and Switzerland.

Italy, Switzerland, France

Access Travel made planning our birthday trip seamless and stress-free!

Rose, our agent, was very patient with our infinite questions and made sure all our requests were met. The hotels were carefully selected, the transfers were well coordinated, and the tours were thoughtfully organized - leaving us to just soak the experience in. And boy, was it good!

I’m excited to #travelwithaccess again, because if this trip is any indication, all future vacations will surely be inspired and unforgettable. Thanks to the team!


Iceland is beautiful! I booked as a solo female traveler, and I was scared, but @angelydub of @accesstravelph made me feel safe.

It felt like home. This trip was amazing because of her!

We stayed in the best hotels, had fun adventures, roadtrip in an awesome bus truck and a badass monster truck!  Oh, and not to forget our super cool local tour guide and photographer, @norrisniman. I also got to meet new people who quickly became my friends!

This one was truly special, as it was my first solo trip, and I really had a blast! I couldn’t recommend @accesstravelph highly enough! I’ll have wonderful memories to carry with me forever .

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Travelling abroad again may be a challenge for some, especially for families with kids. But with the help of @accesstravelph, things definitely became much easier because of their end-to-end premium service.

With basic safety protocols still in place, my girls were finally able to do their “universal” #AyMayDagaPose again, out of the country after years.


Iceland is everything magical! It's such a beautiful experience with my family. My heart is full.

Thank you @angelydub for always making sure our experience and stay were exceptional. From the best hotels, beat tour guide, photographer, and driver, food, special requests, baby Kai’s crib, and most especially your presence and personal touch to your business, to taking our beautiful photos and joining us every experience, kahit walang tulugan.

It’s truly an exceptional, unforgettable, and beautiful trip @accesstravelph.


Thank you Ollie Ytaan N Renz Tn Abby Tan Kenneth Tan Aliyah Tan for inviting me to this trip!

It was truly an amazing, unforgettable and fun time bonding with all of you. The sleepless nights waiting for the northern lights. Hoping to see them every night. Worth the wait, after 2 years. 'Til next time...Thank you, Access Travel (Angely Dub), for the flexible itineraries, good hotels, amazing photographer, expert driver, and right number of people in the group. We get to meet and gainnew friends.Thank you, Mr. Norris (Norbert Von Niman) for untiringly taking our pictures when our "one more shot" became endless counts and for chasing the northern lights with us.#blessedandgrateful

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I travel usually because I want to escape from my stressful work/business.

It’s always a great relief for me. But I don’t travel just to stay in a hotel and relax. I always make sure I can explore the place and have some adventure. I love to see different places, and whenever I go to different places, it’s also because of my curiosity. I hate hearsay. I want to see everything with my own eyes. Some blogs are OA. I choose to #travelwithaccess because Angely Dub inspires me. And I don’t think she’s oa with her travel blogs. And I love the places she’s been to.


I choose to #TravelwithAccess because they are all accommodating and easy to talk to for more improvement on Access I hope they will have a budgetable package.

What I love most about this Europe trip is that the hotels are all good. I enjoyed everything about Europe, including the food and the very hot weather. The one thing that I will never forget on this trip is the glimpse of Europe tour, which was an experience to cherish. Soon, I will surely come back.


I choose to #TravelWithAccess because I wanted this trip to be extra special for my mom and wouldn't settle for anything less, hence access.

I travel to see places and learn about other people's cultures and foods. The one thing that I won’t forget on this trip is my bonding moments with mom while enjoying the scenery. Travel tips/hacks for this trip are that you need to bring a double-walled stainless steel water bottle and a good/comfortable pair of water-repellent hiking boots/shoes.

The itinerary is well curated. You get your money's worth even more (making memories & forming new friendships).

South Korea

I choose #TravelwithAccess because they had an affordable package for this specific tour (vs our former agency).

We think that Access carefully selects the places that will be included in the tour. I loved the most about this Korea trip the food, and our tour guide was great. I learned a lot from her because she shared a lot of things about Korea (place itself, people/culture), highlighted the differences vs. ours (Filipinos) and knows quite a lot about us and even speaks a lot of Tagalog words. Fluent in English. She was also very passionate, entertaining, caring, and patient, and she managed the group well, especially since the majority were senior citizens and some were quite challenging to handle.


I travel for leisure and to unwind and distress. I love most about this trip are the sites, the local tour guides who were very informative and helpful on all the sites we visited.

Accommodations were also good, but some rooms need to be fixed—broken double locks, no hot water, etc. The food is also good; there were varieties each day. The travel schedule is also good; the local tour guide even suggested going back to some sites we were unable to visit because they were closed. The local tour escort was also very nice, friendly, and accommodating.

The one thing that I won’t forget on this trip is the experience of seeing those places; I don’t think I’ll see them in other places/countries. I was looking for a travel agency that was reputable and hopefully wouldn’t scam us. I saw your agency mentioned in a number of celebrities’ travel blogs and said to myself that they should be trustworthy if a lot of celebrities trust them, so that’s why I chose to #TravelwithAccess.


I travel to relax, unwind and get away from busy work life. We all need a break once in a while.

Also to explore other countries’ beauty and learn new values, cultures, and ways of living. Traveling is also another way of educating oneself because you learn so much along the way. The one thing that I will never forget on this trip is the friendship and camaraderie with our fellow group members and tour coordinator. And to top it all off, I can now finally tick Europe off my bucket list. BTW, Mr. Darwin Moises did a wonderful job! I chose to #TravelWithAccess out of curiosity. I want to know how you guys manage to get some of the biggest names in our local showbiz industry to travel with you.

South America

What I love the most about this trip is definitely the Bolivian Altiplano.

I could be biased though as I'd never been to a desert in my life so the way the browns and the blues melded together with a bit of snow made a huge impression on me. It's one thing to see it in the movies but another to actually be in there and be surrounded by it yourself! Also, it was the Copa America finals when we hit Brazil and the energy is always great when football finals take place. We ended up at a random bar and the owner made us feel welcome... as long as we cheered for Brazil (she kicked out a bunch of Peruvians lol) and I will keep coming back to Salar De Uyuni. I choose to #TravelWithAccess because to be frank, it was my mom's choice so I just went with it. After this trip though, I'd definitely recommend it as it was one of the smoothest trips in my life.


What I love the most about this trip is the whole experience, the places we visited and the people we met from the group tour (all nice and punctual people).

I also loved our hotel in Rome (A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel); the rooms are huge and have a great breakfast buffet. The hotel is also very eco-friendly (which is rare); each floor has a water dispenser, and you can refill your own water bottle. The one thing that I won’t forget on this trip is Hallstatt, Austria (not included in our itinerary). I didn’t even know about this place until our tour driver and leader suggested it. I will come back for this trip to Amsterdam because we weren’t able to walk around that much, so I’d love to go back and visit the canals. I chose to #TravelWithAccess because I follow them on Instagram and have always loved the photos. I have also read and heard good reviews. I would recommend to them that they just keep it up because they already provide great service.

South Korea

I chose to #TravelWithAccess because I’ve known Access years before it got this big and recognized by huge celebrities.

I travel to experience different cultures. It liberates not just my mind but also my soul. I inquired before (for my would have been a Euro trip) and the one who entertained me was very patient with me. Honestly, for this trip, I didn’t inquire with Access right away. I looked for other agencies and did some comparisons, but I guess, people always come back to the best. My recommendation on how Access can improve to serve the Filipinos better is to just make sure to always have the best and affordable travel offers.


The one thing that I won’t forget on this trip is how Japan is uniquely magical for me from its rich traditions to its modern technology.

What I love the most about this trip is the food and how clean and well-disciplined the people living there are. I chose #TravelWithAccess because they give their clients the best trip possible. The staff is accommodating, especially Ms. Sunshine, who answered all my inquiries regarding our tour.

Everything was handled smoothly, from visa processing, airfare, transfers, accommodation, and the tour itinerary, and they provide excellent customer service even after the tour has ended. I would like to recommend Access to have more choices for domestic travel and an official receipt for future transactions.

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