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Meet Central Asia

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  • 4-star to 5-star hotel accommodations
  • Daily hotel breakfast
  • Transportation for the whole duration
  • Professional private local guide and driver
  • Entrance fees for the attractions
  • Local tourist taxes and permits


  • International airfare 
  • Personal travel insurance 
  • Visa fees and assistance

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  • Card payments are subject to service fees.
  • You can customize each day based on your preferences.
  • Hotels, cars, and attractions can be requested.
  • Visa processing and assistance are offered.

Day 01: Almaty

Welcome to Almaty! Upon arrival, meet and greet your local guide before being privately transferred to the hotel for check-in and an overnight stay.


Day 02: Almaty - Issyk Lake - Almaty

Explore the Issyk Gorge today, one of the most beautiful gorges in Trans-Ili Alatau, which lies along the Kuldja Tract, where trade caravans traveled hundreds of years ago. Stop at the Issyk State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve along the way to see exhibits about the history and culture of the Saka period, including a copy of the Golden Man and other golden items, ancient ceramics, weapons, and horse equipment, as well as a model of the Saka burial mound.

Afterwards, proceed to the beautiful mountain lake Issyk, located in the valley with the same name, before transferring back to the city. Continue your mountain exploration to the summit of Kok-Tobe Hill, which is conveniently located near Almaty and has a breathtaking view of the city below. At the base of the world's highest TV tower is Kok-Tobe Park, where you may take a leisurely stroll around the park's winding trails and visit a monument honoring "The Beatles." You may also take the opportunity to visit the shop for national souvenirs and many other interesting things. The exciting day ends with a quick ride on the world-famous Almaty cableway down the hill and into the city center.


Day 03: Almaty - Bishkek

Today, enjoy exploring the city of Almaty and discovering its history together with the Ascension Cathedral, the second-highest wooden building in the world. After, visit the Square of the 28 Panfilov Heroes, a monument dedicated to 28 soldiers from Almaty who allegedly died while defending Moscow from the German invasion during the Great Patriotic War. Next, take a drive to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Transfer to your hotel for check-in upon arrival.


Day 04: Bishkek

The entire day is dedicated to your exploration of Bishkek. Take in the sights as you visit its key highlights, including Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, the National Arts Museum, the National Philharmonic, and many other places of interest. And to complete your Bishkek experience, never forget to visit the Asian Bazaar! Here, you can take a lot of dynamic photos of bustling local life. This marketplace is a vibrant tapestry of colors and sounds, with people selling and purchasing things of all kinds among the textiles and produce. Then, head to your hotel afterward to cap off the day.


Day 05: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek

Begin the day by journeying towards Ala Archa Gorge. This astonishing natural park is on a spur of the Tien Shan mountain range, and during the Soviet era, only VIPs had permission to go for a walk here. Take a hike in the Gorge to get a feel for the area and take in the breathtaking scenery. Once you're done, head back to Bishkek to check out the city's museum of history. Then, proceed to your hotel to end your fruitful experience in Bishkek.


Day 06: Bishkek - Chunkurchak - Bishkek - Tashkent

After breakfast, take a drive to Chunkurchak Gorge, one of the smallest but most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan. It can be said that this is a real "jailoo" (pasture) with a beautiful view of the valley. You may take a stroll across the area and take in the many sights, from the green jailoo to the red clay canyon and the snow-capped peaks of the spectacular Ala Too Mountains. After a feast for the senses, return to Bishkek and prepare for your transfer to the airport for your flight to Tashkent. Upon arrival, head to your hotel for check-in and an overnight stay.


Day 07: Tashkent - Samarkand

After breakfast, take an unforgettable train ride to Samarkand. This destination is situated in the valley of the river Zerafshan and is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan, with the same age as the cities of Babylon or Rome. As you arrive, visit its most outstanding sights, such as Registan Square, a complex of three fascinating madrasahs dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries. This is also the main highlight of Samarkand, which no one can stop admiring for its beauty and majesty. You will also have the time to explore Shakhi-Zindeh, which represents a large collection of mausoleums dating back to the 11th through 15th centuries and is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bibi Khanum Mosque is also a must-visit site you don’t want to miss! After Tamerlane's successful campaign in India, this structure was built in her honor. Then, proceed to your hotel for check-in and an overnight stay.


Day 08: Samarkand - Bukhara

Explore more of Samarkand today. Visit the Ulughbek observatory, which Ulughbek, one of Samarkand's most illustrious kings and scientists, built in the 15th century. Following that, take a stroll down the local version of Broadway, which is lined with souvenir shops, teahouses, sweet shops, and workshops that you can visit and explore. Then, you may go shopping for traditional Uzbek handicrafts and delicacies in Siab, the national market, or the oriental bazaar. On this day, don't miss out on seeing the carpet factory! Here, you will see more than 400 women sewing carpets using age-old methods. Then, get ready for your night train to Bukhara. Upon arrival, proceed to your hotel for check-in.


Day 09: Bukhara

Today, enjoy a day filled with amazing visits to the highlights of Bukhara. First is a drive to the most ancient citadel, dating back to the 4th century, named Citadel Ark, which served as a palace for several dynasties of the Bukhara Empire. Then, head on to the Samanid mausoleum, a true work of Persian architecture from the 9th to 10th centuries. The journey continues with stops at Bolo-Hauz mosque, also known as the mosque of forty columns, and Chashma Ayub, popularly known as Job's well, both of which were constructed in honor of Bukhara governor Abu-Fayud Khan. Afterwards, go around the retail domes and check out Nodir Divan Begi, one of the most well-known madrasahs in Bukhara and a component of the Lyabi House Ensemble, Bukhara's most well-known and popular central viewing location. On your last stop, check out the Poi Kalon complex, an excellent illustration of Bukhara's architectural prowess. Three buildings from the 12th to 16th centuries make up this complex: the Kalon minaret, the Kalon mosque, and the Mir Arab Madrasah. After the day's journey, head back to the hotel to rest and stay for the night.


Day 10: Bukhara - Tashkent

Begin the day with an early train ride from Bukhara to Tashkent. The whole day is dedicated to your exploration of Tashkent. Visit Independence Square, which is the main square of the country and was erected as a symbol of victory over fascism in World War II. Then, walk along the local Broadway, a walking street between Independence Square and Amir Timur Square. You also have the chance to ride on the famous Tashkent metro, one of the most beautiful subways in the world. Following that, visit the old part of the city, which includes Chorsu Bazaar, Kukaldash Madrasah, and the Hast Imam complex, which consists of several madrasahs, mosques, and mausoleums. The highlight of its exhibits is the Othman Quran, which is the world’s oldest Quran copy, dating back to the 8th century. The Quran belonged to Othman Ibn Affan, the Third Caliph (of the four righteous Caliphs who succeeded the prophet Muhammad). Othman was killed by non-Muslims in the 8th century. His blood spread over the Quran, which you can still see on its pages.

After a fulfilling day, prepare for your transfer to the airport for your flight back home. This day marks the end of your beautiful journey to Central Asia.

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